Old Dominion Dialysis Services, Inc.

About Us

  Old Dominion Dialysis Services, Inc. (Old Dominion) is a small dialysis services provider offering correctional as well as other dialysis related services to the healthcare industry for over 20 years. It currently provides services on the federal, state, and local levels and operates dialysis facilities in both North Carolina and Virginia.

  Old Dominion was founded in 1990 by brothers, Drew and Larry Spivey, to provide dialysis services at the opening of the then new Virginia men's  state correctional facility. They brought together their experience of over thirty (30) years each in dialysis and business to establish a dialysis program on-site where patient inmates previously having been transported off-site for dialysis were now dialyzed in the infirmary at the correctional center. Quality, cost savings, and increased security were all achieved. Old Dominion also established the first on-site dialysis program at the Virginia women's prison to provide dialysis treatments to women inmates requiring such services.

  Old Dominion has also formed and operated several companies to provide free-standing dialysis as well as offer acute dialysis under contract with local hospitals through the years.

  The goal of Old Dominion is to establish high quality, independent medical and dialysis services in cooperation and conjunction with local healthcare facilities in a secure and cost efficient manner.

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